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Pastor Jeffery Jones

“I am a military veteran and was agent orange contaminated in the Vietnam war. It would take over 25 years before they were able to identify the damages agent orange did to my body. I came down with lung cancer and both bones in my feet crumbled and had to be reconstructed. I developed a bleeding ulcer on my foot and had to wear surgical shoes. I was restricted to the couch, barely able to function. I tried everything including spirulina, minerals, hemp oil, nutritional shakes, herbal teas and vitamins but nothing worked. I had decided wearing surgical shoes would be a way of life. I could barely walk, so I only went to doctors appointments and church. I refused to use the crutches and wheel chair the doctor recommended. So I worked with the surgical shoe and stayed on the couch for almost 5 years. A friend of my wife brought me a vape with CBD oil and I told her I wasn’t going to try it. My cabinets were full of stuff that didn’t work, because I had tried almost everything. She ended up giving me the vape and to appease her I decided to try, just to prove it wouldn’t work. In just 3 weeks my foot healed and stopped bleeding. I now also use the tinctures under the tongue which are even stronger for me. After 4 months my doctor couldn’t find any trace of cancer in my body and after 7 months they are telling me I am no longer disabled. I am back in the gym going on trips with my wife, I can swim again, I am having a great life thanks to the Messiah and these products and I am not looking back. I loved my experience so much, I opened my micro-franchise with HPB and purchased a full dispensary.”