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Healthy Place Hemp proudly offers only premium products. Here’s a bit about what makes us our formulations special.

Nano-enhanced CBD oil is made using nanotechnology to manipulate the CBD Oil molecule in such a way as to make it water soluble. Nanotechnology is cutting edge technology used to surround the CBD oil particles with nanoparticles of fat called liposomes. Nanoparticles are extremely small and it takes 800 - 100 nanometer part


Certified Organic (USDA): Certified organic means products have no prohibited pesticides or synthetic fertilizers. There is very strict criteria to follow if products have been labeled certified organic. That criteria must show that it will not have a negative impact on human health or the environment. ISO Certified: Inter

Full Spectrum: The main chemical constituent of the plant was not isolated and then presented as if it still has all the healthy properties from the plant in tack. The full benefits of the plant is still available when offered by the company that does not use isolated chemical constituents of the plant.